It’s officially summer. YAY! After what seems to have been a never-ending cycle of cold, we now have the option of being summer cute. It is the one season, or at least early on in the season, where we can spend the majority of our time being happy outdoors (don’t forget your sunscreen). At this point, you probably know we’re all about sustainability. Undeniably, the most sustainable clothes you can wear, are the ones you currently own. This is also a big reason we’re not big on trends. Trends come and go. You’re much better off buying things you love, that are of good quality, and that will weather the trend storm because guess what? In a few seasons, the style you like will resurface and you wouldn’t even have to try! To this point, we scoured the net to find out what the powers that be (Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, Trendspotter, etc ) are saying is on trend this summer. There were many, but we picked 5 of them. Our founder, Efua raided her closet and we were impressed to see how trendy she’s going to be this summer. So no shopping for her this summer!

Here are the 5 trends.

1. Neon green

First off, who actually wears neon green? Sorry, Efua. If you don’t normally wear it; if you know it doesn’t do anything good for you; why would you go buy it because it’s a trend? Now, there are some, like Efua, who actually have as close as you get to neon in her closet. So lucky (maybe sadly?) for her, she’s one of the few humans who naturally happens to be on trend this summer. The color is bright, it makes her look vibrant and youthful. If this is you too, we’re jealous. Congratulations! You made the summer 2019 trend cut.

Summer trend 2019 neon green

2. Bermuda shorts

These shorts seem to have a short trend cycle. Meaning they come in and out of style very quickly. Efua bought these shorts probably a good 10 years ago. The ones she’s wearing are versatile because they can be rolled up into standard shorts or rolled down into 2019, on-trend, Bermuda looking shorts. Hers are denim but don’t worry, any fabric will do. Scour that closet of yours, I’m sure you have a pair in there.

3. 80s mini/ Floral dress

Efua’s dress is basically a ‘two-for’. Looks very much like the 80s mini the fashion powers say is in style, but it also hits the floral trend. Floral prints just don’t really ever go out of style and so unless you really hate them, you probably have at least one dress that fits the bill. Case and point. This dress was probably purchased in 2007. You wouldn’t even know it.

Summer 2019 floral 80s

4. Fringes

Well, if you’re into fringes, you’re in luck. In our opinion, they look great as part of outwear and can take a cute kimono, for example, to a cuter one. Nightlight design makes a cute fringy Serenity Kimono if you’re on the market for one. Yes, the Kimono Efua is wearing has fringes… you just have to look very closely at the picture. They’re there. Promise.

summer trend 2019 fringes

5. Print Mashup

As the name implies, the trend involves wearing a mashup of different prints.  The original vision of the trend looks more like patchwork. However, it’s probably more practical to wear the look by taking two prints you normally wouldn’t wear together. If you’re going to do it, no looking back. Wear them with conviction and confidence. This is if you really want to get in on the trend.

Summer 2019 pattern mismatch

The Takeaway

There are of course a few other trends the experts are talking about this summer. However, we chose to highlight the above five. As a brand that promotes sustainability, we tend not to focus on trends because they are fleeting. We really honor the fact that wearing the clothes you own is your best option when it comes to sustainability. But if you must shop, go for items that are classic, well-made, can be worn often and that, most of all, you like not because you’re trying to be part of the crowd.

Did any of these looks inspire you? Have you found anything in your closet that is trending this summer? Show us in the comments below.