Have you gone clothes shopping with a shirt in mind and returned with everything BUT that shirt? Do you buy a specific brand because you fit their ‘Medium’ rather than a ‘Large’ like you do in every other brand? Have you looked in the mirror and felt ugly because you don’t have the ‘perfect’ body? Have you ever hated someone because they were ‘skinny’ and could fit into anything they wanted? Have you ever thrown away an item of clothing because you could? Finally, have you ever said, “I have nothing wear” when you actually do own a closet-full of clothes?
If you answered ‘yes,’ to any of these questions, you can appreciate that fashion is a mess! It needs to change.
Maybe becoming a sustainable shopper requires more than replacing your fast fashion finds with ethical ones. Maybe removing yourself from all the messages that say you’re not good enough might mean doing something different.
Why don’t we break free and do our own thing? 
 Thread Life is a new fashion concept where vendors come to you. 

How does it work?

Thread Life may look similar to what you’re used to, but the concept is different. On Thread Life, vendors come to you . If you have a fashion need, post an ad. The ads you see represent needs, not products. When you browse through ads, you’re looking to sell products. You offer your product up for sale by placing a bid. Every ad will receive various bids. Once the customer is ready, they will go through the submitted bids and will then purchase the product on Thread Life. Funds will be deposited directly into the seller’s PayPal account.

Who can post an ad?

Anyone. And it’s free. But if you don’t want your ad lost in the crowd, you can feature it.
Posting an ad means that you don’t have to rush to the store or make your decision solely on price. You never know what deals you’ll be presented with when you let people know what you’re looking for. 

Who can reply to ads or submit bids?

You can.
So can vintage, sustainable, and ethical brands.
This means that if you’re looking to make space in your wardrobe, go look for ads to see if someone wants what you have. Before you reach for the trash can, consider that there may be people in your city who want what you don’t need. If they do, respond by placing a bid. If you’re a sustainable, ethical, or vintage brand, you can do the same.
For more details on how Thread Life works, click here.

How does this help you be a more sustainable and ethical shopper?

1. It significantly minimizes impulse buying
2. It makes you think about what you really say you want – perfect for if you’re a minimalist
3. It empowers you to ignore the noise that says you need to look a certain way to be accepted
4. It reduces waste because it gets you connected with people and brands who have what you want
5. For sellers, it makes life easy because you know you’re speaking to someone who has asked for what you’re offering
6. For brands, it introduces you to people who might not have found you otherwise

Why Thread Life?

Isn’t it baffling how a basic human need is now a significant source of social and environmental harm? John 10:10 says the thief comes to steal, kill and destroy. When we imagine a thief, we worry about our most precious assets. We very rarely pay attention to the everyday and mundane. And if there’s one place to wreak havoc, it’s in the areas we take for granted – like fashion. Instead of fashion being this fun form of self-expression, it’s turned into a machine that destroys the planet and human lives.
We can’t let this continue. 
We’re driven at Thread Life by Isaiah I:17 to “learn to do good; seek justice, and correct oppression”.  We want to create a platform that allows you to be instrumental in bringing change to the fashion industry. With Thread Life you are creating a new ecosystem that doesn’t rely on what marketing says is right, but on what you know is right. You don’t have to feel trapped by society’s standards. You make your own. You don’t have to be part of the culture of waste and destruction. You can put a stop to it today.
Submit an ad today!