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What this disclosure means is that in when you click on an affiliate link, in most cases, Thread Life, LLC earns a small commission on each sale. Regardless of this, your price remains the same, and in some cases, you even get a discount.

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How do affiliate links work?

Affiliate links have a unique tracking code attached to them. When you click on the link, our affiliate partners know that we sent you. It lets them know that we had some sort of influence in your decision to visit them.

Why do we use affiliate links?

We use these links as a way to maintain Thread Life, LLC and all its websites (including this one, The Threadbook). That being the case, we only link to items we believe in. Unless we say so, every product we link to is one we have used ourselves or one we firmly support because they line up with our values. This means that all our brands are fair trade, organic, chemical free, handmade, give back, recycled, upcycled, sustainable, vegan, and/or zero-waste. We want to bring restoration and transformation to the fashion industry. So our priority is to provide resources that help you create positive changes in your life and then the world.

A note about our affiliate relationships

Our affiliate partners are 3rd party providers, and we have no control over them or their operations. What this means is that even though we recommend a brand, we don’t have any influence on their operations and we can’t guarantee that you’ll receive the product in perfect condition. If you have any complaints (which we hope you don’t), please contact the brand directly.