Why all our clothes meet ethical criteria

All items in this marketplace meet one of the following criteria:

Fair trade, organic, chemical free, cruelty-free, handmade, give back, recycled, upcycled, sustainable, vegan, vintage, and/or zero-waste.

We do this because part of living a full and purpose-filled life is making choices that benefit you, others and the planet.

To make it easy for you to make that choice we’ve built the Thread Life marketplace.

When you shop on Thread Life, you’re not only standing up against unrealistic and demeaning beauty standards, you’re also standing up against slavery in the fashion industry and environmentally destructive practices. This is what fashion should be about!

Below is a little information about the current state of the clothing industry.

Today, the clothing industry is

  • Today, many in the cotton and garment industry are lured by fake job prospects. This is modern day labor slavery.
  • Working conditions can be awful. And when workers raise concerns, they are often punished.
  • Many of the chemicals and dyes used in clothing production find their way into our drinking water.
  • These chemicals are toxic and have been linked to several health problems.
  • The fashion industry is a large consumer of toxic insecticides, pesticides, and dyes.
  • Some of these chemicals are so dangerous and toxic, they have been banned in the EU.

But when you shop ethically…


You help to shine a light on those working in slave-free conditions and make that industry more attractive.


Human & Environmental

You and your children benefit from clothing that is free from poisonous chemicals.


Economic & Social

You help to improve garment workers’ lives. This has a ripple effect on the economy and leads to positive social change.

End Human Trafficking by The Threadbook