What the fashion industry doesn’t want you to know

Isn’t it funny how something so necessary, can become so controversial? How our need to wear clothes has turned into a means to destroy our self-esteem and planet.

Even if you don’t care about fashion:

Have you gone clothes shopping with a shirt in mind and come back with everything BUT that shirt?

Do you buy a specific brand because you fit their ‘Medium’ rather than a ‘Large’ like you do in every other brand?

Have you looked in the mirror and felt ugly because you don’t have the ‘perfect’ body?

Have you ever hated someone because they were ‘skinny’ and could fit into anything they wanted?

Have you ever thrown away an item of clothing because you could?

Finally, have you ever said, “I have nothing wear” when you actually do own a closet-full of clothes?

If you answered ‘yes,’ to any of these questions, you can appreciate that fashion is a mess!

When we set out to make a positive mark on the fashion industry, we were naive. Can you believe we thought we’d be chilling with artists, muses, champagne, culture, and fun? Little did we know that people and the planet were the collateral damage of this seemingly glamorous and opulent industry. Instead of fashion being this fun, form of self-expression, it’s turned into a machine of destruction. But it’s 2019. We can do better.

Our hope is that as you read you reflect and recognize how the industry has influenced the way you feel about fashion, whether good or bad. Take what you’ve learned and then consider adjusting where necessary. If you’re looking for practical ways to change your relationship with fashion, take a look at three things you can do to make fashion great again.

In the meantime, here are some of the industries biggest secrets and how they play out in society.

Clothing prices are great because garment workers are paid poorly. The goal is to keep prices cheap and to keep customers coming back because of the low prices.We throw away money on cheap clothes because we can. But we don’t realize that if we add it all up, we could have used that money on something more valuable. Then we go buy some more and repeat the cycle.

The only real benefiter of fast fashion is the brand itself.

The manufacturers are treated like slaves.

We as customers get poor quality for cheap, and we have to keep going back.
The clothing industry is guilty of waste. Brands throw away, instead of sell, unsold items to maintain their brand image. There is little value placed on the impact of waste on the environment.We throw away because we have ‘nothing’ to lose. There is little value for the impact of waste on our pockets or the environment.
The fashion industry is guilty of pushing unrealistic beauty standards.We buy the narrative that the more we have, the more we can meet these standards only to find out that we never will.
There is hardly anything new under the sun. But brands do a great job of making us believe otherwise. They come out with ‘new’ trends which are recycled from the past.We buy new because we feel we’ll fit in. In fact, you could buy vintage or preloved and be more unique and better off while also being ‘on trend’.

The Takeaway

No matter how you feel about fashion, we obviously can’t escape it. Considering that clothing is a necessity, why not approach it in a manner that is not to the detriment of people or the planet. We know this can be an overwhelming task especially if clothing is not something you want to dedicate a majority of your time to. But we’re here to make the process easy.

Consider taking us up on our offer to be your free, sustainable fashion stylist. We believe that if we make shopping for sustainable fashion easier, you will do it more often. If this is how you feel, we want to release you from that burden. Tell us what you want and we’ll find it for you. We’ll do it so you don’t have to.  Put in your request and join the challenge. You could be key to redefining the fashion industry.

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